DataNucleus Donations


DataNucleus is an Open Source development. It is written by volunteers in their spare time. They receive no payment for their development work (both providing the software, and for their time answering your questions on the forum), and as a user you are benefiting from this effort. The DataNucleus project additionally incurs some costs in providing this software, in terms of hosting, and domain registration.

As an alternative to joining with us in writing DataNucleus, the DataNucleus project is open to receive donations to help fund the project. These donations will initially cover the expenses incurred by hosting etc, but can be targeted at particular bug fixes, feature requests, or providing email support to aid your project use of DataNucleus. Thanks for your support.

How to Donate : Bank Transfer

The first way to donate is to make a bank transfer, and you can arrange this by contacting one of the project administrators using the email donations [AT] datanucleus [DOT] org

How to Donate : PayPal

The second way to donate is to use PayPal. The disadvantage of PayPal is that a (small) percentage of any monies donated is taken by PayPal. If you wish to donate to the DataNucleus project via paypal (our account is donations [AT] datanucleus [DOT] org) you can use the following form.

Public donor list
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, eCheck

Alternatively you can make the payment via PayPal yourself, and then simply send an email to donations [AT] datanucleus [DOT] org stating

  • The name on your donation with PayPal and the amount (so we can identify it).

  • Whether you want listing in the donor list (and the name you wish to have listed - your name, or your company name for example).

  • Whether your donation is a general donation that we can use to cover our expenses, or whether it is against a particular piece of functionality, or support.

List of Donors

Below is a list of donors who have supported the DataNucleus project by way of monetary donations. If you donate you can have your name or company name listed here. Donating 50 GBP or more means that you can have your name or company name hyper-linked.

Table 1. ListOfDonors
Individual/Company Amount (GBP) Reason for donation



JCA development, and general DataNucleus work



Efficient bulk retrieval (pm.getObjectsById) for RDBMS



L2 caching problem solving/improvements



Maven2 availability of artifacts, and buildability of project



General donation



NUCRDBMS-38 and general work

Will Becker


General donation



General donation

Michael Ghebreyesus and Alexander Ilyin


General donation

Forklift Systems Inc


General donation



General donation



General donation

Top-10 Website Hosting


General donation

The following people/companies have also donated smaller amounts : Extronis, Guido Anzuoni, Chris Murphy, David Berkman, Wu Hugh, Vieri del Bianco, BadCreditLoans, TotallyMoney : Mortgage Comparison Site, CashDoctors, Medical Equipment Pros, UnusualHomes, Maciej Węgorkiewicz